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About the Company

eMonitoringSolutions is a leading provider of  Internet based remote video and audio management solutions for business.

Founded on the principal that "one can not control what one can not experience first hand", our systems utilize the Internet or other IP based network to deliver real-time and archived video and audio to business owners and corporate management.  Our systems WILL improve the company.s bottom line through:

·         Increase employee productivity

·         Reduce employee theft

·         Increase employee and/or customer safety

·         Provide product safety

·         Reduce travel expenses


The eMonitoringSolutions system provides management the ability to be in multiple locations at one time.  Watch your entire 100,000 square foot production facility or your 10 remote office or retail locations while in the office, at home, or anywhere that has broadband.

.Supervision. is defined as: .to oversee (a process, work, and/or workers) during execution and/or performance to insure the achieving of desired results. 

To be successful in business, owners and management must be critical observers.  No action can be taken until the supervisor .observes. what is actually going on, and eMonitoringSolutions provides this critical step to successful management.


eMonitoringSolutions, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Folsom, California, just minutes east of Sacramento and two hours out of Silicon Valley.

Our Objective

"eMonitoringSolutions has a simple test to determine if we are a successful enterprise: Did we make client.s world a better place? In other words, did our system save them time, money, and headaches while helping them to improve productivity, customer service and reduce shrinkage? When our customers tell us 'yes' we know we've made it."

-- Greg Kilgore, CEO, eMonitoringSolutions, Inc.


Job Postings

We are always searching for professionals who thrive in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. Candidates must have exceptional technical or sales skills and the ability to creatively apply those skills. We are a collaborative team oriented company filled with energetic and accomplished professionals. We offer a comprehensive benefits package to our team members. eMonitoringSolutions, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, located in affordable Folsom, CA. Interested parties may submit resumes to jobs@emonitoringsolutions.com.



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