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Q What exactly does eMonitoringSolutions do?
A Through advanced software and hardware engineering we deliver the highest quality real-time video and audio stream available over the Internet. We have created remote monitoring solutions that allow you to have remote visual and audio communication to and from any location in the world that is connected to the Internet.

Q How will I benefit from the use of eMonitoringSolutions products?
A Each of our clients benefits differently. We have business clients who use our systems to monitor loss issues such as theft or safety concerns, while others choose to monitor productivity. Many of our clients monitor sales activity and use the feedback to better manage their sales and promotional efforts. Landlords use it in property management applications, security companies package eMonitoringSolutions products with standard security packages, and daycare and eldercare facilities provide peace of mind to worried parents and children. Manufacturers monitor production with RemoteManager while warehouses monitor inventory. Everyone has their own reasons for using the eMonitoringSolutions product line. What's yours?

Q How does your pricing compare to that of your competitors?
A Our monthly service fee is highly competitive, and very affordable. Our competitors price their base black-and-white, no-sound technology at or above our better video quality, full-color, full-sound product.

Q Is this legal?
A Yes. It is comparable to CCTV security systems currently installed in Hotels, Casinos, Fast Food Restaurants, Quick Marts, Department Stores and Restaurants. The only difference is that the video is streamed over the Internet with sound. A sign is posted at the establishment to notify all patrons that the location is currently being monitored with audio and video equipment. When you add the level of security we provide to our customers, you.ll find access to this data is more likely better protected than the videotapes maintained in current security systems.

Q If I wanted to use your products for security reasons, and I already have CCTV cameras at my business, why do I need your service?
A We provide convenient access from anywhere. Using our service, we are able to connect to your existing CCTV installation and allow you to see your business from anywhere in the world you can access the Internet. We are also able to record the video digitally and index it for easy retrieval.

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Q What type of technical support and monitoring do you provide with your service?
A Our technical support engineers are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Q What other products and solutions will you be offering in the future?
A Our R&D people are hard at work and they see some revolutionary technologies developing on the next horizon. Each of our customers will benefit immediately as these new applications occur. Our direction for these future products and services are, in large part, directed by our customer and prospective customer surveys.

Q How do I get a quote?
A Send us an e-mail by clicking on the "Contact Us" button or call a representative at (916) 673 -1860. We' d be happy to help you evaluate your needs in relation to the services we have available.

Q Is this a Hardware or Software solution?
A Both. eMonitoringSolutions has engineered a complete solution utilizing proprietary software and hardware. Your video and audio streams can be viewed over the Internet without the use of specialized software, or can be viewed using the advanced tools included in the suite of eMonitoringSolutions software solutions.

Q How reliable is your system?
A Stability is our middle name! Our proprietary monitoring and diognostic software keeps system failures at a minimum. Our design also allows for remote monitoring for system health, remote maintenance, and remote upgrades.

Q Is there a limit to the number of people who can connect to each site at the same time?
A The system currently allows about 50 people to view one location at the same time without serious degradation of the video and audio streams dependant on available bandwidth. However, if your needs require more users viewing the same video/audio stream simultaneously, we can enable your solution to multicast to millions.

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Q With today's bandwidth limitations, how scaleable are you?
A Our system design allows infinite scalability. You can add as many locations and camera(s) as you need. Our only restriction is the backbone of the Internet.

Q What are the computer system requirements to use eMS' service?
A eMonitoringSolutions has a number of different solutions optimized for use with wireless devices, 56k modems, broadband services and private IP based networks.

In all cases the viewer must have an IP based network or Internet connection, using a minimum of:

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
  • Windows 2000 or XP
  • P3-733 CPU/AMD 1100+ XP/Duron or faster
  • 256MB of RAM
  • VGA graphics card (D3D compliant card recommended)

At the remote location being viewed, clients will need a DSL or T1 Internet connection, an ISP and an electrical outlet. For any private IP based network, the requirements would be a connection to the network and an electrical outlet.

Q Can I brand my interface?
A Yes. eMonitoringSolutions will create a unique user interface, accessible from your website or ours, branded with your logo, look and feel.

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Q How much control will I have over who can view my cameras?
A Our customers are given access to an Administrator Interface. You will be able to asign and modify user names, passwords, and descriptions. You will also have several reports available to you showing who has viewed which camera and when!

Q Why would I choose wireless versus wired cameras?
A It really depends on your needs. A wired camera will provide a very crisp picture and bright, clear stream, but will require that wires be run from the camera(s) to the Network Appliance. Wireless technology eliminates the need to run wiring from the camera(s) and simplifies installation and the movement of camera(s). The picture from a wireless connection will lose a little brightness and sharpness when compared to the picture from a wired camera, however both technologies are very acceptable.

Q Will I need to dial into each location that I want to see?
A No. Simply connect to your local ISP anywhere in the world, or use your Internet connection from your network at work, and login to eMonitoringSolutions with your favorite web browser. This gives you the flexibility to have visual communications from anywhere without being forced to use special software or hardware.

Q Do you place any hardware at my business to perform streaming and archiving?
A Yes. A thin server network appliance is kept at the location being viewed. The appliance houses the software and hardware necessary to stream the data and to store archived video.

Q How much data can I store?
A You choose. We will help you design a system that will give you the quality and quantity of storage you need.

Q How do I go back and review the captured data from my business?
A Click on the "Archive" tab from your customized interface and you will be presented with a search interface. With the archive digitally indexed to the minute, you simply click on the Month, Day and Time you are interested in viewing and you will be taken directly to that video and audio moment without the need to rewind or fast forward.

Q Is eMonitoringSolutions a publicly traded company?
A No, eMonitoringSolutions is currently a privately held company.

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