Rearview Systems

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eMonitoringSolutions has the best in rear and side vision camera systems suitable for any large vehicles.


Why buy a rear view…



FEATURES (for TFT-LCD Monitor)


  • OSD (On Screen Dsiplay) control for: Color, Tint, Brightness, Contrast and Mirror (for Camera Mirror/Front View switch)
  • Wireless IR Remote Control
  • NTSC/PAL Signal Auto Detection
  • Audio Speaker is included


FEATURES (for Control Box)


  • 2 Camera inputs, CCD 1 is default CCD 2 for Reverse Operation.
  • 2 Audio/Video Output for recorder
  • Auto switch from default CCD 1 input to CCD 2 input source to check view behind the car (AUTOMATIC MIRROR VIEW IN MONITOR) while driver set the gear to Reverse.
  • Monitor auto power on while Reverse Gear Signal detected