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Product Overview

eMonitoringSolutions provide turn-key video/audio remote management solutions. Our systems include full service custom management solutions that WILL increase employee productivity, decrease employee theft, provide employee, customer and product safety, and improve the company bottom line.


All of our systems come with all of the necessary hardware, software and peripherals and include full installation and training.


Whether regional, national, or international, companies are all faced with the need to access accurate and timely observations of their one facility or multiple remote locations. RemoteManager products enable real-time and historical video/audio viewing, resulting in real-time decision-making.  eMonitoringSolutions products provides management the ability to visit real time and observe what is really going on versus what management hopes is happening.

eMonitoringSolutions even provides one-way time travel.go back in time and view what really happened yesterday or last week.  That slip and fall in your restaurant kitchen, or on the floor of your production facility can now be viewed and evaluated before action is taken.  Now the management is making decisions on what actually happened and not on a variety of employee second hand versions of what they think probably happened.

Our video has encrypted watermarking and is secure from tampering which means it is useable in court as evidence to support the company.s efforts against lawsuits and worker.s comp. claims.   Management now has a weapon against bogus legal battles that would not only take up tremendous time and money but are uncertain as to their outcome.


Our software and camera systems are of the highest quality but at affordable prices. 


eMonitoringSolutions. Remote Manager product allows the business to view the real-time selling behaviors that lead to purchasing products or services. Management can also see which POP displays are most popular; recognize traffic patterns through a store layout; and observe which products are regularly picked up, which are returned to the shelf, and which are passed by without so much as a glance. All of this without leaving their Corporate Office.

For today's manager, real-time viewing alone isn't enough. You want to be able to step back and take a look at what just happened. Thanks to digital technology, simultaneously viewing live video and recorded video, even at many sites, is simple. Our systems aid you in working with archived (historical) video recordings by providing an "activity indicator". The indicator helps you to go directly to the scene, where the action is. This action can be motion, or any POS input such as a NO SALE.s rung on the cash register. Enlarge a portion of the screen or the complete image, take a snapshot, single step forward, copy the relevant portion, send it to a colleague for his opinion, everything is as easy as the click of a button.

The Vice President of Operations can pull up his five or six worst performing departments/areas/stores and find out why traffic is up, merchandise is in stock, but sales are down. Customer Service, viewed as it is taking place, takes advantage of the immediacy of the situation while it is fresh in a sales associate's mind.one phone call to compliment or correct a behavior on the sales floor will go a long way to reinforcing proper sales techniques and appropriate behavior.

In a warehouse, production facility, or distribution center the Vice President of Operations can pull up sixteen cameras in one large facility or multiple cameras from a number of facilities watching critical areas of productivity or potential loss.

It.s all done from your office, home, or anywhere that has broadband.  It.s now possible to be in more than one place at one time.it.s even possible to be in more than one time at one time using our easy to use archive system.


Loss Prevention managers have the ability to tie a number of alarm inputs to video archival as well as e-mail's and pages. Each "alarm" event can be uniquely set at each location allowing the LP Manager to receive pager notification only from those locations he or she feels are high risk. An "alarm" input can be any type of physical input, such as motion detection or a door opening, or it can be input from a POS system, such as a Post Void, No Sale, Return, or Cash Sale.

Each Remote Manager system supports encrypted video streams for security. Access to the camera network is password restricted. The company's designated administrator can set security levels down to five levels (i.e. Administrator, Executive, Senior Manager, Middle Manager, Supervisor).

eMonitoringSolutions also provides outstanding services including management training, systems implementation support, and customization.

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Benefits of Going Digital

  • Multiplicity of Applications
    No longer does the video in your store reside on a little VCR in the backroom where someone forgot to change the tape. It is readily available to every department within the company to which you provide access.
  • Full installation and easy to use
    Our system cost includes full installation and our user interface is easy to use.  We also provide training for users and administrators.
  • Sound
    Where it is allowed by law, these systems are capable of delivering quality sound along with video, both live and recorded. This permits some companies to actually hear conversations taking place on their sales floor.
  • More flexible
    Live Networked Video is more flexible than closed circuit video. It can be processed easily and viewed on different devices (TVs, PCs, PDAs, mobile phones). New capabilities such as scene recognition and intelligent motion detection can readily be added.
  • Location independent
    Using Live Networked Video, the viewer does not need to be local to the cameras - they can be in a different building, town or country.
  • Scaleable
    Live Networked Video scales easily from a few cameras to thousands of cameras, including scaleable storage, configuration and administration capabilities.
  • Intelligence
    Live Networked Video includes the intelligence to extract and communicate scene information useful to the operator. As well as reducing operator monitoring expenses, it can also alert operators to activities that require attention.

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Product Offerings

        The Witness:

One to four camera solutions.


        Remote Manager:

Video solutions with five or more cameras

        eMS Mobile Solutions:

Video solutions "on the go"!
Systems for Semi's, Trucks, Service Vehicles - and anywhere 12-36v mobile solutions are needed.

        eMS Mobile Visibility Solutions:

Backup and sideview video systems


All eMS Systems are custom turn-key solutions that include cameras, peripherals, full installation, and training.





Click on the link below to view a demo of live streaming video.

Product FAQ's

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